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Custom Tattoo Studios Versus Street Shops, Private Studios, Or Tattoo Chain Stores

Understanding the Difference Between Custom Tattoo Studio Versus Street Shops, Private Studios, Or Tattoo Chain Stores

When you are trying to pick the best tattoo studio to get your custom tattoo inked, we know it can be overwhelming when trying to decide between the tattoo, the tattoo artist, and the tattoo shop.

Firstly, If you want a custom tattoo studio or tattoo artist always make sure to check that the artists and shop does custom drawn tattoos. You can look at the tattoo shop and tattoo artists portfolios as a reference to see if they primarily tattoo in a specific style, or totally original and unique custom tattoos across multiple styles.

Many people learn the hard way after wasting time that some tattoo artists, tattoo shops, or tattoo studios do tattoos - but not all do hand drawn, freehand, or 100% original, custom tattoos! If you are wondering, we do, and the image you see is one created by Heidi Gotz, one of the owners and tattoo artists here at Tiger Shark Tattoo!

What Makes Tattoo Studios, Street Shops, Private Studios, Or Chains Different from one another?

Tattoo shops are also called tattoo studios. Some are called custom tattoo studios, some are tattoo stores, and some are called street shops. What's the difference and how does it matter when getting a custom tattoo?

When it comes to getting a custom tattoo and picking the best tattoo studio or tattoo shops, it can get confusing when you consider that some:

  1. Tattoo studios do primarily custom tattoos by appointment only and the process might take a bit of time to ensure the sketch and designs are right.
  2. Custom tattoo studios might not accept walk-in tattoos and the artists might be booked out well in advance.
  3. Tattoo studios often accept walk-in tattoos or same day appointments but you are limited to what tattoo artists are available to tattoo you at that time.
  4. Private tattoo studios or tattoo shops may be appointment-only, which usually means they do primarily custom tattoos.
  5. Tattoo street stores or shops are usually walk-ins and take limited appointments, depending on their tattoo artist roster and their availability that day.
  6. Major tattoo studio chains might charge you more for the name than the quality of the ink and piece you get.
  7. Custom tattoos at a major chain tattoo shop with certain artists get expensive due to demand and availability.
  8. Some tattoo shops, especially chains, might not have seasoned tattoo artists able to do the custom tattoo you really want, or say they can and deliver something you will end up coming to a tattoo studio like ours to cover up (see this far too often). Be sure to check artists' portfolios and make sure your idea fits within their skillset!

How To Pick the Right Custom Tattoo Studio

If you want to select the best custom tattoo studio, the criteria that matter most should always come down to you.

Do you want a custom tattoo and can be patient to get it right?
Or, do you want something less complicated, and can find an artist portfolio that can do a tattoo similar that would work perfectly for you?

Let Tiger Shark Do Your Next Custom Tattoo Or Tattoo Cover-Up

Our team loves creating unique, personalized tattoos as a custom tattoo studio yet we also accept walk-ins and help cover-up tattoos. We are here to answer any questions you might have about your next tattoo.

If you're in Stuart, Jupiter, or Port Saint Lucie and seeking a top-notch custom tattoo, our tattoo studio on the Treasure Coast of Florida is the place to be. Our dedicated team of experienced tattoo artists are passionate about creating exceptional tattoos that will leave you satisfied and proud to wear your artwork. Visit our shop and let us transform your ideas into a stunning, lifelong piece of art.