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Tattoo Special! Friday The 13th Flash Event @ Tiger Shark Tattoo Studio Stuart



On Friday the 13th, Tiger Shark Tattoo Studios is offering 31 tattoo designs on special for our walk-in tattoo shop and custom tattoo studio located in downtown Stuart.
Treasure Coast tattoo family! Come down to see us on FRIDAY the 13th for an epic Halloween tattoo special when you get a tattoo with us at our Stuart Tiger Shark tattoo shop, the tattoo shop home to some of the best tattoo artists in Port St Lucie, Jupiter, and Stuart.
It is because of you that we get to use our talent and do what we love - bringing your tattoo vision from your idea to your skin! That is why this Halloween special is really our way of saying thank you for helping our artist-owned and operated tattoo studio become one of the best tattoo shops in Stuart and the Treasure Coast!


Come in and join us for this spooktacular deal to get your new tattoo with us on Friday the 13th as we want to help you save some cash for the upcoming holidays without neglecting your ink. No tricks. If you follow the tattoo tips below, come down to get your treat - fresh ink at a price that won’t kill your wallet!

Here are the Friday the 13th tattoo special guidelines for the 31 designs on offer by Kenny, Annibelle, and Heidi:


  • $31+$9 tip
  • Arms and legs only
  • $60 Shading or Color
  • No appointments

Come get a sweet deal on larger custom tattoo pieces by working with one of our talented tattoo artists. Our tattoo artists keep up-to-date with all the latest techniques and offer different styles, as well as offering a clean and safe tattoo shop to make sure you feel at home.


What makes us one of the best tattoo shops between PSL, Jupiter, and Stuart is that we love creating custom tattoo designs that inspire or spook.