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The Best Tattoo Studio In Stuart/Treasure Coast

What Is The Best Tattoo Studio In Stuart/Treasure Coast? Well, It's a personal choice!

When it comes to the best tattoo studio in Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, Jupiter or the greater Treasure Coast area, we know there are many options and reasons to decide on one tattoo shop or the other when it comes to getting a custom tattoo or your next ink done.

We feel selecting the best tattoo shop or tattoo studio comes down to 3 things:

  1. Your tattoo needs (custom or walk-in).
  2. The tattoo artist & speciality.
  3. The tattoo environment (tattoo studio or shop, customer service, personality).

To help you pick the best tattoo studio or tattoo shop for your next piece, we wanted to share our recommendations with you to help you select the best tattoo shop for your new favorite tattoo!

Where Is The Best Tattoo Studio And Tattoo Shop on The Treasure Coast?

We feel what determines the best tattoo shop comes down to one that offers popular and sought-after tattoo styles with great artists in a well-rounded shop with a great vibe. Also, a shop that has great reviews and a loyal customer base tells you that they are doing something right!

What makes Tiger Shark Tattoo Stuart one of the best tattoo shops is:

  1. We are an artist-owned and operated tattoo studio.
  2. Our tattoo studio on Google has 430+ reviews with a 4.9 rating, featuring kind words from some of our tattoo family who have been getting tattoos with us for over 10 years!
  3. Our tattoo studio has helped bring thousands of tattoo ideas to life and our artist roster features artists with the latest tattoo styles each with a unique artistic flavour.

What makes Tiger Shark Tattoo Studio one of the best tattoo shops in Stuart, the Treasure Coast, and Florida is the quality of our tattoos, our tattoo artists, and the experience our tattoo shop gives our clients.


The best tattoo experience we can give is treating you as our friend and family. When it comes to the best tattoo artists, we know there are many things that make the best tattoo studios stand out.

What makes our tattoo shop one of the best studios to get your tattoo in is that we aim to make our Tiger Shark tattoo family feel at home.

We do this for a reason. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to tattoo you! More time in the chair getting your tattoo means more time with the artist so they can give you ideas as we tattoo to help make your tattoo come out better than you originally planned. This allows the tattoo artists to get more intricate with the custom tattoos you will love for the rest of your life.

Tattoos Are For Life (Travel For The Best, Don’t Just Settle For Local)

The tattoo studio or tattoo shop environment makes or breaks whether or not it is the best tattoo experience for someone. Remember that a tattoo is for life. Our shop in Downtown Stuart, Florida is a short travel distance away to make your tattoo dreams come true.

Travel times driving to Tiger Shark Tattoo from nearby locations/cities:

  • Port St Lucie: only 15 minutes.
  • Jupiter: only 35 minutes.
  • Miami, Orlando, or St Petersburg: only 2 hours.
  • Jacksonville: only 3.5 hours.

Why Get Your Next Tattoo At Tiger Shark Tattoo Studio?

Whether you are getting your first tattoo or trying to find the next tattoo artist to bring your tattoo idea to life, our tattoo studio Tiger Shark Tattoo located in downtown Stuart is your one-stop shop for any tattoo questions, custom tattoo style requests, pre-drawn/flash tattoos, and same day tattoo appointments.