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What To Know When Getting A Custom Tattoo


Looking for the perfect tattoo that reflects your unique personality and style?

With so many tattoo artists and types or styles of tattoos to choose from, we want to help you make getting your next custom tattoo a whole lot easier.

After you read this brief custom tattoo guide we have created for you, let us know your ink recommendations or perhaps, contact our tattoo studio in downtown Stuart on the Treasure Coast for any questions so our tattoo team can help bring your tattoo from idea to skin.


Many people have a custom tattoo idea but haven’t really worked the design out with the right tattoo artist yet. They might have an idea of the tattoo style they want or the tattoo artist they think they might want, but the idea might not actually work in the area of colouring or style they are thinking of. Even worse, the artist might not be available for months (or years).

Our tips for designing your custom tattoo are:

  1. What are your custom tattoo inspirations? Do you have a tattoo style in mind? Do you have someone’s tattoo you liked or perhaps, an artist or style you are after? Look at the portfolio of the tattoo artists at a tattoo studio for inspiration and ideas.
  2. Prepare photos & artwork. You can drastically speed up the process of getting a custom tattoo when you have many sample photos and artwork to provide the tattoo artists as references for the tattoo sketches and designs. You can even attempt to get a basic sketch or draft before taking it to the person who will be tattooing you.
  3. Look around, do some research, and decide on your preferred custom tattoo aesthetics and style. Do you want your tattoo in bold, light, or greywashed colours? What font for writing?
  4. Size and decide where your tattoo will go. This is choosing the size of the custom tattoo you want and what area of your body. Considering ink and skin tone are good, the tattoo artists can usually help with recommendations or ideas for the sizing, colouring, and location.
    Talk to a tattoo artist and tattoo studio. Once you have these basics for your custom tattoo, reach out to the tattoo shop or tattoo studio you want to work with to set up a consultation.

You can reach out directly to the artist to schedule time, but their individual response times may vary. You might find it easier to work with the tattoo studio to schedule with the artist, ensuring you have finished the other 4 items on this list first!

Contact Us To Discuss Your Custom Tattoo

Our tattoo studio located in downtown Stuart is a tattoo studio owned and operated by tattoo artists who take pride in creating unique and custom tattoos. Tiger Shark Tattoo aims to be a home for our customers and tattoo artists because we feel what makes a tattoo studio or custom tattoo shop the best tattoo shop, is always where you can relax, feel at home, and get quality custom tattoos done with people who feel like family.

Contact our tattoo studio today to discuss your custom tattoo ideas or come see us in person if you are on the Treasure Coast, Port St Lucie, or Juipiter to chat about sketching your next tattoo masterpiece.