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Finding The Best Tattoo Artist On The Treasure Cost


Tattoos are art on your body for life. You deserve nothing but the best. That is why we are grateful to have some of the best tattoo artists calling Tiger Shark Studio their home.

Stuart and the Treasure Coast area is fortunate to host a treasure trove of highly skilled and talented tattoo artists.

When you want to find the best tattoo artists on the Treasure Coast, Stuart, Port St Lucie, and Jupiter, look no further than Tiger Shark Tattoo Studio in downtown Stuart. We have top-notch tattoo artists and visiting guest professional tattoo artists ready to bring your tattoo dreams from idea to skin.


When it comes to finding the best tattoo artist, the best tattoo artist or tattoo studio for you comes down to 8 things. We have created this short checklist to help you verify a tattoo studio and see who is the best tattoo artist for your next tattoo:

Repeat & Happy Tattoo Customers - Great client reviews & recommendations.
Passionate/Experienced Tattooist - The tattoo artist is experienced, passionate, and confident with tattooing the tattoo design you want.
The Tattoo Artist/Studio - The tattoo artist vibe & tattoo shop environment feels comfortable.
Diverse/Dedicated - Diverse tattoo styles or the artist is known for the tattoo style you want.
Reliable - Attention to detail & professionalism.
Safe - Clean, safe, and hygienic tattoo studio practices.
Collaborative - The tattoo artist collaborates with you and guides you on the tattoo design and placement.
Flexible - The tattoo artists can adjust the design based on your budget or body location.

It’s always good to think through your tattoo. Some tattoo shops might not have seasoned tattoo artists able to do the custom tattoo you want yet say they can, and deliver something you will end up coming to a tattoo studio like ours later to cover up (we see this far too often).

The more confident you are in the artist and the more comfortable you are at the shop, the better overall experience you will have when you get your next tattoo. That’s why we feel we have the best tattoo studio. Our tattoo artists are professionals who excel in various styles, love creating custom tattoos that help tell your story or mark the moments in your life that matter, yet always treat you like family.

The Best Tattoo Artists Make You Feel At Home - Whether You Are Local Or Not!

Don’t be afraid to shop around, ask questions, and even travel to ensure you get a quality custom tattoo you will love for life. Whether you're a resident or just passing through, travel times driving to Tiger Shark Tattoo from nearby locations/cities is a lot closer than you think:

Port St Lucie: only 15 minutes.
Jupiter: only 35 minutes.
Miami, Orlando, or St Petersburg: only 2 hours.
Jacksonville: only 3.5 hours.

If you have a tattoo design in mind or are considering a custom tattoo, make sure to check our custom tattoo guide to help you.

Finding The Best Tattoo Artist & Studio in Stuart

What makes our tattoo artists here at Tiger Shark Tattoo Stuart some of the best on the Treasure Coast?

1. We are an artist-owned and operated tattoo studio.
2. Our tattoo studio on Google has 430+ reviews with a 4.9 rating, featuring kind words from some of our tattoo family who have been getting tattoos with us for over 10 years!
3. Our tattoo studio has helped bring thousands of tattoo ideas to life and our artist roster features artists with the latest tattoo styles each with a unique artistic flavour.

We offer walk-in tattoos and custom tattoos that turn heads. Our tattoo artists are known for the best tattoo designs that are classic and sought after, while doing tattoo styles that are current or a mix of tattoo styles tailored to your specific tattoo needs. Walk into our tattoo studio in downtown Stuart or book an appointment to get your next tattoo done by the best tattoo studio with the top tattoo artists on the Treasure Coast!